SHCM President Liao meets ITI top officials

Release Date: May,2019
Source: SHCM

Shanghai Conservatory of Music President Liao Changyong met with International Theatre Institute Director Tobias Biancone and Deputy Director Chen Zhongwen on May 10.

Liao welcomed the guests. The SHCM has strengthened its opera and musicals education, he said, while the institute has been making achievements over the years in international cultural exchange and performing arts.

He hoped that both sides can further work together on art exchanges and invited Director Biancone to attend the opening ceremony when SHCM’s opera house is completed and launched in September.

Biancone said he looked forward to the cooperation, especially in the fields of opera and musicals. He also asked the SHCM to join the World Organization for The Performing Arts, founded in collaboration with UNESCO, to contribute to the world culture diversity and the cause of performing arts.

The guests also watched a performance by SHCM contemporary instrumental and percussion students.

Founded in 1948, ITI is the world’s largest organization of performing arts. It has been closely related to UNESCO and relocated its base from Paris to Shanghai in 2015.