SCHM chief leads delegation to Germany

Release Date: Jun,2019
Source: SHCM

Shanghai Conservatory of Music President Liao Changyong led a delegation to Germany for an exchange and performance from June 5 to 11.

They first visited Breitkopf & Hartel, a 300-year-old music publisher in Wiesbaden, and were received by the head Nick Pfefferkorn.

The delegation learned about the publisher’s business procedures, read manuscripts and collections and talked about strategic cooperation in the future.

On June 7, the first day of the three-day Chinese Music Festival, Liao visited Karlsruhe University of Music on invitation and staged a solo concert, “Classical Poems and Art of China—Chinese Art Songs Recital”, with the Rector Hartmut Holl playing the piano.

Liao performed 16 pieces together with Holl in front of more than 450 people and won loud applause from the audience.

The festival was started jointly by Liao and Holl. Holl has been teaching at the SHCM as a visiting professor for five years and a cooperation agreement was signed between the two schools last year.

In an interview after the performance, Liao said he was proud and comforted to see Chinese music being supported and liked by so many. He also appreciated Holl’s efforts in learning about Chinese poetry related to the show.